I propose to learn:


  • Basic techniques : how to breathe while meditating – meditate while walking – meditation to learn to recognise and observe conceptual thoughts – meditation to ground oneself – meditation with stones.
  • Meditation on the energy knots to appease anxiety and fears – meditation on destructive emotions – meditation to reach interior harmony and balance.
  • Initiation to visualisations : meditations on the chakras and the meridians – meditation to sweep the aura – meditation to raise the vibration frequency of the energy bodies.
  • Meditation on the warm and cold parts of the body where different emotions reside – appeasing meditation and visualisation of oneself – meditations of the mirror – meditations on the elements.
  • Meditation on the energies to help self-healing – purification of the energy channels – “load the healing light” meditation – meditation to reach energetic balance.
  • Kabbalah meditations : inspired by this ancient form of mysticism, they aim at helping us access the many levels of the conscious mind by drawing knowledge and awareness from the cosmic energies. This series of meditations balances the physical, mental, spiritual, divine in us. The Kabbalah meditations unify our sense of existence by connecting our microcosm with the macrocosm.
  • Meditation with Runes : exploring the deep meaning and the power of this ancient shamanic system of Norse symbols.
  • Regression meditations : searching for blockages and karmic memories.
  • Meditations with the Andara crystals : exploring in meditation the multi-dimensional universe beyond 3D – meditations to expand the consciousness.
  • Méditations of the states of consciousness : we have many ways to know reality. We recognise the dimensions in which our mind can travel.


  • Medicine drum journeying : connecting to the world of spirits and nature. Initiations to some shamanic practices.
  • The shamans in their world I : “The shaman in us”. Basic initiation to shamanism.
  • The shamans in their world II and III : “Rituals and therapies”. Advanced initiations to shamanism. Upon preliminary interview.
  • Initiation to the world of Runes : a course on the history, fabrication, meaning, powers, and usage of Runes.
  • Crystal healing course : to learn how to work with the power of stones and quartz during therapies and rituals.
  • Medicine drum circles : to share expertise on ancient knowledge, to create and celebrate ceremonies at specific moments of the year.
  • Circles of the original clan mothers : 13 meetings, one full year spent discovering the Native American women’s initiation path according to the traditional teachings that the Kiowa grandmothers passed on to Jamie Sams.
  • Constellations : a powerful shamanic tool for working on our transgenerational memories as well as on our present life. Constellations can allow to come to terms with difficult personal or professional situations that we thought we could never disentangle from. New points of view, plans of action that we had never considered before present themselves to our conscious mind after a constellation.
  • Multidimensional universe consciousness : to learn how to access the dimensions beyond 3D. Initiation to interacting with dragons and Andara crystals for self-healing purposes and in a therapy to others. Learn how to access your multi-dimensional therapeutic space. Connect to our personal multidimensional guides.

Registration :


Private lessons: Meditation and Shamanism
Schedules on request

Meditation course. Each half-hour:
30 CHF
The whole meditation course (11 lessons):
300 CHF
Initiations and shamanism:
80 CHF each meeting



Schedule plannings will be organised on request

For the meditation workshops
(11 courses):
270 CHF
For the initiations and the shamanism:
60 CHF each group meeting