A shining path

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Stars in an earthly dimension will keep shining as fireflies

I create “SENTIER” to find my shining path. We all have one

A life dedicated to teaching and to scholarly studies has prepared me for this new challenge: Creating an activity that offers a learning method which allows everybody to better master, through meditation techniques, life and its challenges. The ancestral medicine ways taught represent the natural evolution of this program which focuses on letting us see the world with renewed eyes. As we acquire new insights about our states of consciousness we understand how we interact with all living beings. The program allows to experience our deepest nature as well as a compassionate acceptance of the manyfold expressions of life on Earth. The advanced initiations consist in the transmission of ancestral tools for practicing therapies.

Staying rooted to the Earth while turning to the stars

“SENTIER” helps achieve this objective. Centuries old meditation techniques that I have studied and practiced since 1987, can help us acquire the power of changing our own behavioural patterns whenever they disrupt our well-being. We face our personal memories as well as family conflicts in order to overcome them and make our life smoother. We then connect to the wider world around us. We stand on Earth and respect its peoples, we look up at the star studded sky and we experience the dimensions which are accessible to our mind. I do not propose any systems of comprehension of the expansion of consciousness or of the nature of what each of us will see in meditation. We will just make the bewildering experience of seeing the multiple ways in which a “firefly” can shine.

Meditation courses, shamanic initiations

“SENTIER” offers

Meditation, initiations

  • Basic techniques – how to breathe while meditating – meditate while walking – meditation to learn recognising conceptual thoughts.
  • Meditation on the energy knots to appease anxiety and fears – meditation on destructive emotions – learning to develop our intuitive imaginative side.
  • Drum journeying and initiations – connecting us to the natural world and its powerful energies.
  • Exploring in meditation the multi-dimensional universe beyond 3D – expanding the consciousness.



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Treat yourself naturally

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Trained in life decoding, psycho-genealogy, self-hypnosis, as well as  in bio-magnetism, I practice at the workshop place or remotely. I am a Reiki therapist as well. Holistic and energy therapies take an all round approach to individuals and their environment. They aim at seeking and correcting the sources of blockage and past or present disorder,  thus enhancing the energetic balance between physical, mental, and emotional health. They allow each person to become aware of their potential to turn away from self-destructive emotional habits and to achieve a state of complete well-being and harmony.


The knowledge and the skills to practice shamanic therapies and rituals have been taught to me during the many initiations I underwent and while training with experienced ancient traditions therapists over the years. I keep learning and widening my approach by having been trained in geo-biology and being presently interested in the healing power of crystals and stones. The practice of psycho-magic rituals can provide the actual spiritual ground for emotional and physical healing thus bringing positive changes in one’s life. Each technique provides the tools for the general cleansing and the recovery process of balance in the living beings by targeting all which is vibrationally connected to us and to our environment. This can be accomplished at the workshop place or remotely.